Gift Giving On A Budget: How To Dazzle On A Dime Using Pinterest

by Heather on November 28, 2012

The holiday season is upon us. That means trees to trim, cookies to bake, and gifts to give. With an unstable economy, saving money during Christmas is an essential for most families. In such a technologically advanced society, there are more and more options and ideas at hand than ever to help you turn your holiday gift giving from drab to fab and still manage to keep your spending in check. Here are just a few of the ways that we have come up with to save the most money and give the most meaningful gifts all at the same time. This is not your Nana’s homemade gift guide. We are not talking about crocheted Kleenex box covers or cookie mix in a jar (not that there is anything wrong with that if that is what you want to do). This is the good stuff lovelies!

Pinterest is the gift that keeps on giving, literally. Since Pinterest has tapped into the mainstream, we can all make things that rival Martha Stewart’s handiwork. With the click of a mouse you can learn how to do just about anything! Whether is is baking, crafting, decorating, making cocktails, or even putting together outfits… Pinterest has it all. With the new addition of Secret Boards, it is easier than ever to hide your gift ideas for family and friends in a spot that no one can see but you.

Don’t know what to make for someone to ensure that they will love it? If they have a Pinterest account, follow it. You can get ideas by looking at what they pin. I can’t spill the beans on everything I am making this year (at least not until after the holidays) because there are too many of the folks on my gift list that will read this post. What I can tell you is this, don’t try to do something that will cost you more money in materials than you would have spent going out buying the gift already made. Also, don’t undertake a project that you don’t have time for. That will do nothing but add stress to your holidays. Try to find things to make that will work for more than one of the people on your list. Since practice makes perfect, churning out a few of the homemade creation will result in a more polished product (maybe keep the first one for yourself). In the end, the gift will mean more because you took the time to think of them and what they like, and put in the effort to make it for them instead of a hurried gift card purchase (again, nothing wring with gift cards, I’m just thinking outside the box here).

Are you following us on Pinterest yet? Check us out here and see if you find anything that suits your gift giving needs. Here are a couple of my favorite pins to get you started:

This is one of my absolute favorites! I am making this for a few gals this year, but I’m going to forbid them from reading this post. This was pinned from, and is an amazingly beautiful and simple way to embellish a sweater (click the link to take you to their site for the how to guide).




This next idea is so easy it is ridiculous. With the invention of Facebook and Instagram, it is even easier to find the perfect photos for this. It is also way cooler than just going out and buying someone a frame (which I have done more times than I can count, right Sally?).

There are so many more fun ideas where those came from. Hopefully you will nail your creations, and dazzle with this year’s gifts. In the grand scheme of things, the holidays are about making memories and giving from the heart. If you get a less than perfect creation this year from a friend or a relative, cherish it and know that they made it with you in mind. While we all can’t be Martha Stewart, Pinterest has made it look much easier to at least be her assistant. Happy Holidays, and Happy Pinning!

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